An Art to Allowing ~

There is an art to Allowing all that you desire to come into your existence.

There are three steps to the creative process, 1. Ask, you do this all day every day whether you are aware of it or not. If you are sitting in traffic and you want traffic to flow smoothly, you are asking for smooth flowing traffic. If someone is rude to you, in the moment of discomfort you are asking for people to be nicer to you. When you do not have enough money in your checking account, in the moment of negative emotion, you are asking for more abundance to flow into your life.

Step 2. Source, God or the Universe answers, no exceptions. In the moment a desire is born it is answered.

Step 3.  Allowing ~ The third step to allowing what we desire come into our lives is often slow going because many are not aware of the process. Many times, since you are not aware that you must allow, you continue to ask and ask and ask for what you desire. There is an Art to Allowing your desires to flow to you and through you. When you find something that makes your heart sing, you are allowing. When you are taking a walk and look up and notice something beautiful in the moment, you are allowing. When you take a walk on the beach, you are allowing.  When you are doing anything that makes you happy for absolutely no reason, and you recognize you are smiling from ear to ear, you are allowing. Find anything you can to distract yourself long enough with true happiness and you are allowing.

Years ago, I was in our very small garden with my three young children ‘helping’ me. It was a sunny, warm beautiful day along the coast. I had my hands in the dirt, preparing the ground for new seeds and plants we were planting that day. The children were playing in the backyard, giggling, having fun, being happy. I was being physically active, doing something I love to do with three out of four loves of my life around me. I remember at one point I stood up and felt complete contentment, smiling from ear to ear. I was so completely happy and I remember thinking to myself, “What the heck is this?” The feeling was overwhelming, it was so joyful, it was a beautiful experience. I now know I was experiencing my connection to Source energy. I was allowing in that moment, wonderful things to flow to me.

That, is what we are reaching for every single day. I did not know it then, but we can look for everything to appreciate within our lives and have that blissful experience daily. That moment in the garden was a foreign concept to me because I was not accustomed to feeling that joyful on a regular basis. I was unaware that I could purposefully search for joy and find it. I could appreciate life on purpose. I was like many others who waited for joy to show itself and then appreciate it. Living life by default.

We can create joy within our life purposefully by appreciating everything around us that gives us pleasure. As we purposefully do this, Law of Attraction will bring us more and more wonderful things to observe and appreciate. Try it, I bet you will be hooked!


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