Change your Thoughts, Changes the Outcome ~

We knew there would be great value in the diversity we would find here on earth. We recognized from non-physical, we would have the power of our own thoughts to change the course of the direction of our lives at any given moment, when we found a new desire and focused upon it. We knew our emotions would be our guidance. When we felt negative emotion, no matter what you call it, fear, depression or simply boredom, we knew that would be our indicator that we were off track from our own inner being, our own inner guidance. When we felt contentment, joy, love and appreciation, we knew we were in alignment with our inner being, Source or that which I call God. We simply did not plan on being so problem oriented. It feels like being problem oriented has simply become habitual in the majority of society. We do have the power to change that within ourselves, for ourselves.

When we become aware that we have the power over our own thoughts, our own emotions, we are now able to direct our thoughts and therefore our emotions in a way that serves us. Your power is in your now, it is in your positive thoughts. When you change the way to see anything, you will affect the outcome of your experience. You can feel discomfort within your body and experience worry, doubt or any other negative emotion which will perpetuate the experience of discomfort as you send a negative vibration and the Universe will bring more negative feedback to you. Or, you can acknowledge you are experiencing discomfort and be hopeful and optimistic that you will feel better day by day, moment by moment and visualize a better feeling outcome, sending out the vibration of hope and well-being to the Universe of your desire. It is always a choice, it is always your choice ~


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