Why do you want anything?

The only reason anyone desires anything is because they believe, once they have it, they will feel better. The only reason you want more money, a new relationship, a new home, a new car, an improved physical body, a healthier body, or you want someone else to be, do or act differently is so that you can feel better, your true desire behind anything is for the happiness you will feel once you have your desire.

So, what if you decide right now that you are going to find any reason that will allow you to feel better in this moment? What if I told you the way to allowing, receiving or getting any of your desires is to feel good now? Appreciation of your now, of everything around you is the way to allow all good things to come into your life. If it is your ultimate goal to feel better once you have a desired object why not make the decision to feel better in this moment? Everything else that you desire is simply a prop within your life to help you focus your attention as you make your way to a better feeling place. You have the power within you to feel better right now, you are a powerful creator of your life experience and it all begins with feeling good right now ~


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