Who are you listening to?

For many years of my life, I felt like I could not figure out who I was supposed to listen to. Who’s advice I was supposed to take or who’s side of the argument was the ‘correct’ side. As my dear spiritual guru of sorts says, ‘As soon as you side with the Democrats the Republicans will be mad at you, as soon as you side with the Republicans the Democrats will be mad! ;0)

I felt like in order to feel good in the moment I had to change who’s side I was on depending on who I was with, which ever way the wind blew. I knew it was uncomfortable, I knew it did not feel right but I was unaware of who’s side was supposed to be the best side. I am in such appreciation of my journey so far because through that contrast was born greater clarity. I thought in order to have others like me, in order to have value in the eyes of others, I had to subscribe to their ideas of life. That is simply no true. I did not realize I was giving up my own power from within.

Now I am listening to Tracie, I am listening to my inner being, my intuition, what I like and appreciate in my life. If something feels off to me, I stay clear of it. If someone’s idea for me does not resonate, I say Thank you and place it on the back shelf. I now understand, as I find what feels best for me in all areas of my life and move in the direction of that, Law of Attraction will bring those in my life that resonate with what it is I appreciate. Those who do not have the same interests will simply fall away. If I come into contact with some contrast, someone who expresses a different idea than mine, rather than becoming upset about it, or arguing, I now recognize that is simply a clarifying moment for me. It is a moment for me to glean more clarity from within. It is so freeing, so empowering when you recognize that everything life offers you is simply an opportunity for defining your preferences, your desires ~ allowing you to live the life you desire living ~



  1. Pat

    I was laughing about half way through your post because I realized that BECAUSE of listening to you (so glad I did) I learned to listen to ME…. Love this wonderful journey I am on.
    Love you so much

    • That is what I love about what I do. I am guiding others back to who they really are, back to listening to the only source that matters, the source within each of us! SO good!! Love, love, love YOU!

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