You are the Lead Actor in the ‘Play’ called Life ~

Imagine for a moment that this life of yours is an incredible Broadway play and you are the lead actor/actress in it. You are the writer of the play, it can turn out anyway you desire. You get Be or Do or Have anything you desire in your life. You can travel around the world if you desire, or not. You can build empires or not. You can trip the light fantastic or not. You can fall in love and make your heart swoon, or not. You get to choose whether you are Happy or not. Blissful or not. Wealthy or not. You get to choose whether you are the victim or not. You can choose the beginning, the middle and the ending ~ It is all up to you. You have free artistic reign over the entire production. Everyone will respond to you however you decide. When they don’t respond correctly you can rewrite the scene so you can respond in a way that benefits you and move forward, exactly how you desire.

The only question now is, are you enjoying this magnificent Broadway play you are creating? Or not?


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