A Positive in Autism?

I meet so many wonderful friends, families and clients through my time on Facebook. It offers all of us an opportunity to meet people from all over our wonderful world that I would not have the pleasure of meeting otherwise. One of my friends from the page The Autie Project had a comment from a fan that stated, “I wonder how anyone can ever put a positive spin on autism?”

As a parent of a child with Autism who has lived in the depths of despair and came out of it to live a life I could have never imagined, I LOVE expressing my experience. It wasn’t until I did put a positive spin on Autism that not only did my life change for the magnificent, and I mean magnificent, that isn’t some flowery word I am using! Not only did my life change for the magnificent, Connor began to do so incredibly well! It has truly felt like, He is the teacher, I am the student and when I need a lesson in compassion, patience, not giving a rip about what others think or anything else this wonderful child has taught me, each time I ‘got it’, he did better and better. As we have worked through each lesson, when I get it, we evolve, we expand and we are propelled into a more incredible state of being than we were before.

Now, all of those wonderful quirks of his make me smile a ‘pudding face’ smile!!! The child is amazing! Yes, we still have days that aren’t as great, but WE ARE HUMAN! Including this little boy! It is natural for all of us to have ‘off’ days!! Our lives are a learning experience. As we see it this way, a learning experience, we are given an opportunity to feel better or feel worse with each task that comes our way. I choose to feel better every single time and you can as well. I LOVE my life and I love my son, and YES, Autism has made this life experience so meaty, so delicious, so incredible, I would not have it any other way ~ ♥


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