Your Teacher within ~

Each and every one of us came forth from non-physical or spirit to live in this human experience. When I was a child I was taught by well-meaning adults and my religion that I was born with sin, and our life was meant to try to atone for those sins. I had such a wonderful relationship with God, I could feel the love within my being, I could feel my connection. It was as if my heart opened up and I could feel a warmth from within, all which I kept to myself of course for fear of what others would say or tease. When adults would tell me I was supposed to use my life to “catch up” with God, although I did not have the words to express it as a young child, it simply did not feel good from within. When our eldest child was going to classes within our faith because we thought, being good parents that is what our children should be doing, learning the faith we learned. She once asked me if she had to go back? When I asked her why, she said at the age of 7 years old, “Because they make me feel bad for something I have never done.” Our child spoke the words at her tender age of 7, that I had never been able to find for myself even at the age, at that time of 34.

I completely appreciate the learning experience my young life gave me and I recognize and appreciate that all faiths work very well for many, many people. When you find a faith or belief that resonates within you, it is to be celebrated. Whenever we know what we do not want, we always know more clearly what it is we DO want. The experiences of my youth was the platform or bouncing off place for me to define and clarify what it is that I do want within my life experience. I find it interesting that we are all taught to listen to the guidance outside of ourselves rather than listening to the teaching within, our own inner being that we all have, some call it soul, inner being, intuition, etc. It took my 7-year-old daughter for the light bulb to go off and put into words what I could not find for myself. It all fell into place beautifully at that moment.

We are born with a guidance system within us, a teacher within us, our emotions. They guide us at ever turn. When something feels off to us, that is a signal from our guidance that tells us, what we are pondering in that moment does not serve us. When something feels wonderful to us, that is our guidance from within that tells us we are following our bliss, our hearts desires. It is time for all of us to listen to the teacher within. We can never go wrong when we listen to our own guidance. It will always be a perfect unfolding! A+


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