Memory Lane ~

How often do you think about experiences of the past? When you think about them, what feelings do they bring up within you?

When you observe anything that does not feel good and shift your focus, or choose to see the positive within your current situation, Law of Attraction will continue to bring to you the essence of what you are predominately thinking about. As you ponder your past, being selective about the thoughts you think from your past, choosing to focus upon things that feel good serves you well.

You see, being a deliberate creator means it doesn’t matter what it is you are thinking about, past, present or future, what you want to pay attention to is the way you feel when you ponder or observe anything. The Universe does not make a distinction whether or not you are thinking about your past or the future, it will simply bring to you the essence that you are predominately thinking about. When you decide to take a trip down memory lane, be as selective about the memories you think about as you are about what you focus upon in your current reality. If the memory makes you feel wonderful, ponder it as much as you can. If the memory brings up negative emotion, simply let go of those memories that no longer serve you. You want to ponder wonderful, positive thoughts as often as you are able, past, present or future, it does not matter, your primary focus is how you are feeling ~


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  1. As I always say, “Stamps for the memories” …

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