Life Perspective ~

I find it so interesting when I observe people in their conversations and interactions with others. We all have our own opinions of how life works, each with our own personal life perspective, our own likes and dislikes. There are political views, left, far left, right, far right, middle of the road, opposing sides believe the other side doesn’t know what they other is talking about. In my work meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life and those touched by Autism in some way, there is a range of perspectives as to the cause of Autism varies as wide as the autistic spectrum. Everyone tries their best to express their beliefs about their own perspectives and many try to convince others that their beliefs are correct, their politics will make life better for the majority, their religion is supreme, their way of living is the best way for all.

You can only see your life through your perspective, since you and only you have lived every moment of your life. When you understand that each person has lived a life very different from anyone else, through this they come to their own conclusions since they are the only person in the world that has had their intimate experiences, you can see how everyone has very different perspectives.

There is no right or wrong perspective in the eyes of the Universe, it simply is. There is such freedom when you understand that diversity should be celebrated. Diversity makes life juicy, meaty, fun and a never-ending roller coaster. We would never want to get on a roller coaster without ups and downs, twists and turns. That would be boring. You do not need to convince anyone else of anything, your job is to appreciate the blessings within your own life and focus upon all of the things that make your heart sing. You can feel struggle lift off of you as you allow others to enjoy their own perspective rather than trying to change their mind. It isn’t your job to make others believe your perspective and you will never be able to convince anyone that they are wrong and you are right. In fact when you try to make them acquiesce to your way of seeing things, they will dig in their heals, an argument ensues, hurt feelings, even world wars have begun in an effort to makes others see life from one groups perspective. Your only job is to have FUN and tend to how you are feeling moment by moment! So……….what kind of roller coaster do you prefer? ;0)


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