You are Love ~

We are all here for a purpose although it may not be the purpose you were taught to believe. You did not come forth to save the world or fix the world, our world is not broken, although your current physical reality may be showing you otherwise. You did not come forth to prove your worthiness you are more than worthy. You did not come forth to live a life of struggle and grief in hopes of receiving your rightly place in Heaven once you die.

You have come forth for the expansion of not only yourself but for the expansion of all that is. You have come forth as an emissary of love, to be love and to be loved unconditionally. You came here in this physical body because you chose to be here. You came here to be a creator of your personal life experience and you create the life you are living with your every thought. Sit with that for just a moment and feel from within. You came forth to Be or Do or Have all that you desire within this life experience, you came forth for the JOY you knew you would create ~


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  1. I really like this!

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