Keep on the Sunny Side ~

As a child I was mostly happy all the time, it was a natural state of being. I would day-dream often, I had my head in the clouds, I have been called Pollyanna, a silly heart. Many names people might use when someone else is happy and couldn’t understand why I was happy all of the time. As I got older, I began to fuss and worry about things.  With each child I birthed, I loved and adored the experiences but worry and fear for their safety seemed to accompany and multiply with each child. When our Connor was diagnosed with Autism in 2001 I was ripe for depression. I had fussed and worried for far too long in my adult life, concerned about the well-being and safety of my precious family and a life changing diagnosis was my breaking point. It is my profound knowing that out of great discomfort, great contrast, an equal or equivalent solution is born.

Ten years later, although it has been a long journey from my perspective, I would gladly go through it again, just to be where I am and the self discovery that has been made. I now look for the positives in everything I live and everything I have lived. I look for everything to appreciate within my life and more things to appreciate are shown to me. We are all born to have fun, knowing our well-being and everything is supposed to work out for us. Contrast and negative emotion? Yes, we signed up for that as well but we never anticipated we would get so hung up in the problem. As we come across contrast that creates the expansion and then we focus on the solution, then find anyway we can to feel wonderful and Keep on the Sunny Side ~



  1. Magic

  2. Properly said and with wonderful timing

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