Surrounded by Negative People?

I have personally come appreciate that we all make choices within our lives and whatever we are currently living, reflects those choices. The more I practice positivity, the easier if is for me to recognize when I come into contact with negative energy and shift my focus. I have a neighbor that seems to have a negative curve on everything and everyone. She has always been very pleasant to me and to my family but, if I am around her too long, she will begin to express her dislikes of everyone which does not feel good to me, I know that is the time to say my goodbyes to her and get out of there quickly.

When you come up against anyone who has a negative nature you are able to shift your focus so their negative energy does not create negativity within your life. If you must be around anyone for long periods of time and dread being with them, there is something you can do about it that I have done. I write lists of positive aspects about many things in my life, lists of appreciation are my dominate focus. I began writing all of the wonderful things I appreciate about my neighbor when I came to a point where I recognized I did not want to be around her because of her negativity. I couldn’t very well move my family just to get away from her. That doesn’t make sense, so I knew I had to do some work from within.  As I wrote about all of the wonderful things about her, her generosity, her pleasant smile, her kindness towards me and my family, lists and lists and lists. She began showing me those sides to her when I came into contact with her. I became one of the few people in her life that actually saw the pleasant side of her. Other neighbors could not understand why I was the only one to see this kind, generous side of her, but I knew why. ;0)

The more you focus on positive aspects of your life, the more you are shown to appreciate. If you have a rascal in your life you cannot run away from, remember there is a lesson for you to learn from this person and you can write all of the things you enjoy about them and they will begin to show you those aspects you appreciate. We are truly powerful creators of our life experience and the way we react to anyone or anything is always our choice.


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