No one is keeping score ~

I was speaking with someone recently who was going through a difficult time within her life, ending a marriage of several decades and trying to find her way once again. I asked her if I could share with you, because I have met many who feel this way and I felt it would benefit all of us, she said yes. She felt as though she has disappointed everyone in her life, those living and those who have passed away. In her mind, she wasn’t able to do enough, say enough, help enough and be as perfect as she felt she should have been. I reminded her that it is only her perception of her life.

I have had the pleasure of knowing this woman for quite a while. She is the most giving, loving, happy person. She always has a smile on her face and seemed, on the outside to be living a wonderful life. So why would this woman believe she was so incredibly imperfect? When we live a lot of life, and we live that life by the rules society has governed, we will never be able to measure up. In fact, each time we feel as though we have broken a rule, I am not speaking of something illegal but those golden rules, we will feel guilty or badly because we have allowed ourselves and our emotions to be ruled by those outside of us. With each guilt or negative emotion, picture placing a building block or Lego block, one on top of another. With each block we are deviating, cutting off or separating from our own connection with our inner being, God, Source, Soul or the Universe, whatever your personal belief is. It is only when we are looking at ourselves, life or others in opposition to our inner being that we feel that negative emotion.  THAT is our guidance system, our emotions. Whenever you are feeling any negative emotion, that is your guidance system working for you to let you know, what you are in this current, now moment, you are not seeing your world through the eyes of source. When you are feeling wonderful, joyful, in love, happy, any positive emotion, you are aligned with Source, God, All that is.

If each of us allowed ourselves to strengthen our relationship from within, our relationship with our inner being, listening to our magnificent guidance system, we would not need rules or laws, would all be living a life full of love, joy, peace and harmony. When we feel negative emotion, search for the solution and focus on the positive. When we feel positive emotion, know that we are in alignment with our inner being and bask in that feeling, looking and speaking about the appreciation of that moment, knowing that no one else is keeping score, it is all about our own inner work, now we are practicing the secret people have been searching for since the beginning of time ~


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  1. Thank you for sharing this story.

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