A Thorn in your foot?

I LOVE how the Universe works, always giving us exactly what we need to hear to express a much-needed lesson.

Last week, in my love for running about my home barefoot during our summer months and my love for gardening, I stepped on a thorn. I immediately took the thorn out and went about life. This past week, my family enjoyed one last Summer blast at the Disneyland resort.  We spent several days walking and walking and walking around the resort, although my foot did not hurt, where the thorn had been, it was simply bothersome. Something I did not have to think about often because it did not hurt but it was occasionally annoying this past week. When we got home last night, I decided to put on my glasses, a bright light and really look at the bottom of my foot. I could see something dark in my foot and took measures to eradicate whatever might be there. Sure enough, the tip of the thorn came out.

Our mild negative emotions are just like that thorn I had stuck in my foot. Sometimes they are not negative enough or uncomfortable enough to make us want to do something about it, so we simply put up with the discomfort because it isn’t that bad.

We are meant to live a life full of joy, love and positive emotions. We are supposed stop and smell the roses as often as we can and respect the thorns that adorn the stems, learning to appreciate those thorns, for without the thorns, there wouldn’t be those beautiful roses. Without negative emotions, we could not appreciate and enjoy those magnificent times within our lives. Rose bushes are such a joy to have in our lives, thorns and all but nothing compares to the bloom ~



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