Let it go Mom ~

Nothing tugs at my heart-strings more than my children. I am constantly learning from them, I am their student, they are my teachers, all three of them, in this life experience. Sometimes things are flowing so smoothly and we, I mean “I” think…..OK maybe I am getting it. Maybe I am finally at a stage where things will simply flow without doing any inner work. I am so glad I can giggle right now, because I can see for myself and I am reminded that, we are here in physical form in a constant state of motion, constantly fine-tuning. Coming to more defined clarity of my desires.

The mantra of the Universe is more, more, more, expansion, expansion, expansion. We will always be in a state of learning, of movement because we are eternal beings and when we make peace with that…… that is when we are in the flow of All that is ~ When we make peace with the inevitable, that we are always learning, always expanding and we make the decision to go with the flow, no matter what we are observing, life will feel wonderful, life will feel easy because we are allowing ourselves to ride the stream of life. It is only when we try to buck the current, when we try to make things go the way we believe or perceive they should go that we feel any negative emotion. That negative emotion is our wonderful guidance from within letting us know we are not going with the flow. When that happens and you recognize in that moment you have deviated from the source within you, a gentle shift in our thoughts, as subtle as saying, ” I want to go with the flow” will turn the tide ~

Letting go, laying back in my boat, hands behind my head, allowing the stream to carry me down this eternal river of life ~ Wanna come?


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