Taking care of you ~

The noise of the world, drowns out the voice of God ~ spoken by many but profound ~

How many times do you feel exhausted, raw, spent or simply uncomfortable within your own skin because you have been on the go all day, sometimes all week, without taking a moment to go within, to be still or do anything to take care of you? There are always excuses, you work full-time, you have a family that needs you, a spouse or others, you have a child with a disability or an aging parent that needs extra care or maybe you already have a physical condition you are using as the reason why you cannot take time to simply be. The reasons are numerous and of course valid in your eyes however, if you continue, this fast paced disregard for hearing or feeling what your body is needing will cause greater mental and physical discomfort.

We all benefit from time spent in quiet. Even if you are a busy mom, or have others that depend on you, taking moments per day will benefit you greatly. Take a walk around the block, take a few moments, closing your eyes, taking a breath, using visualization that your breath is energizing your body, staying in that moment and then slowly exhaling out. Right now, relax your shoulders…….were you aware that your shoulders were raised even the slightest bit? We hold onto stress within our bodies and many times we are not even aware of it, if we do not listen to our bodies desire to spend a few minutes of quiet time it can have negative effects on your body and mind. Those moments we take to center our being will benefit you greatly and in return it will benefit your family and friends. Your body and mind loves and adores you and would love to spend a few moments with you alone ~ Are you listening?


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  1. A few times after my son was born, my partner would tell me I should give up my dog. I couldn’t find the words to explain why that was so horrifying to me (apart from the obvious commitment to keep him so long as he lives), but I kept him. And I kept up our twice-daily walks, which were the only time I knew I could just let my mind wander free without interruption. My son’s almost two now, and I know enough to just say now, “I need a few minutes to myself.” The wonder those minutes do in seeing me through all the hubbub of the rest of my days! So count this as a hearty, “Agreed!”

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