Experiencing Groundhog Day?

I am certain many of you will remember Groundhog Day. The movie with Bill Murray and Andy McDowell, Bill’s character wakes each morning, living the same day over and over. Many of us find ourselves living an experience over and over that seems very uncomfortable and we wonder….‘Why does this always happen to me?’ ‘Why does the same thing happen to me, over and over?’

When anything happens and you experience a negative emotion, you have the ability to shift your thoughts, shift your focus about any situation so that you feel differently about the experience. The Universe does not respond to our flowery words about what it is we want. The Universe does not respond to your words of trying to convince others that you are certain you would never want something like this to happen or that you are trying to think more positive thoughts. The Universe responds to how you are feeling when you observe anything. Change the way you respond, and you will change your vibration you radiate outward to the Universe. As you change your vibration, the changed or different response will be quick to follow and you will show yourself what a powerful creator you are within your life experience ~


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