You Choose ~

For much of my life I did not recognize I had control over my thoughts and therefore my emotions. I was like the majority, I thought sometimes I got lucky and awesome things happened but mostly others seemed to be luckier than I was, better jobs, nicer homes, newer vehicles, etc.

When I began to learn more about my thoughts, how to direct them, how to focus in a way that felt better, I learned that I had power over my thoughts and emotions. Once I understood I was not simply an observer in my life, I was in charge of my thoughts and therefore my emotions, there was an ease that came over me and the more I practice positive thought, the easier it is to direct my thoughts. Yes, negative emotions or contrast still comes into my life. I chose to be here in this physical body to experience this life and all it entails, passion, love, joy and contrast. Without darkness we could not experience light, without contrast we could not experience our wonderful positive emotions. You have full control over your thoughts and how you react to what happens within your life. You get to choose ~


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