A Mirror Reflection ~

Our children receive our energy or vibration from the moment they enter into our experience.  They are like little sponges, absorbing our energy and our beliefs about life. If you are concerned about life, fearful, agitated, depressed or any negative emotion, our children will pick up on our emotions vibrationally without words ever being spoken.

There was once a time when our words could gloss over the emotions we were feeling. To some, when they heard flowery words, it may have felt off to them but they were taught never to question adults. Our children today have a heightened sense of understanding than generations before. Children with disabilities are not different from those ‘typical’ children, in fact, they are more sensitive to feeling emotions of others, often intuitive.

The Human race is evolving…..we are moving into a time where verbal language pales in comparison to our feelings are. Our children are teaching us the language of feeling ~

When someone lies to you, you recognize what they are speaking and what you are feeling are not a match. If you are fibbing or telling a half truth, you can see in the face of the one you are speaking to, they do not fully believe you, even if you are quite convincing. If you desire being of great value to your children, it will serve you well to begin to speak from the heart, speaking honestly if you feel great or having discomfort. If you are not having a good day and your child asks you, let them know, ‘you know what, I am not having a great day, but I recognize all I need to do is have some quiet time and I will be feeling better soon.’  Your child asked you how you are feeling because they sense from within themselves that something is not right.

Become solution oriented, allowing the problem to fall away and then, only look to the solution, giving your undivided attention to your desired solution. Our children are mirror reflections of what we as parents predominantly believe ~ Take a moment to ask yourself what message are you sending?


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