The Manifestation of Happiness ~

Everything around you is a manifestation. First there is thought and when you think upon anything long enough it will manifest into your physical reality. What you see with your eyes or hear with your ears, smell with your nose and feel with your touch, these are all manifestations.

Many recognize that material items are manifestations but do not realize their feelings and interactions with others are manifestations as well.  When you are sitting in a traffic jam, that is your manifestation. No, you did not say, “Hey, I think I want to sit in traffic today and be late, cool!” However, over time when you have been in traffic and been unhappy or grumpy about it, in your focus or attention to the discomfort the traffic is giving you in that moment, in your outrage when someone cut in front of you while you are driving, in your attention to unwanted… are sending out a message to the Universe, more of this please.

It does not matter what you are giving your attention to, wanted or unwanted, the Universe does not make any judgements about what it is you are thinking about or giving your attention to, by the power of your focus, just by thinking about the essence of anything long enough, you are sending out a vibration or intention to the Universe to bring more of this to me please.

When you set forth the intention of being happy or visualizing a life full of ease and flow, as you continue to envision this content, happy life, the Universe clings to your desire and will bring to you the happiness you desire via Law of Attraction. The only reason we want anything in our lives; a relationship, a new home, a new car or for the stock markets to do well is because we believe, when we see it or have it, we will feel better. Why not take a short cut and be happy now on your way to your desires? Manifesting a world full of happy is not on our ‘To Do Today’ list today or ever, but we can begin with ourselves and allow Happiness to spill over onto everyone we come into contact with ~ Ready? Set? HAPPY!


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