A Vibrational Match?

We have all had those moments when you want to tell a story to a group of friends and you cannot remember the details. How about when you see someone and cannot remember their name? You might be telling a story and when you try to remember the name of the main character in your story, you draw a blank? There are those times when you try to remember something and your memory will not work with you. You may say, what is wrong with me? My memory is going. It must be my age. Am I developing Alzheimer’s at my age? Or my favorite one I remember from my grandmother….It must have been a lie!

We are all made up of energy. What we are translating with our physical senses is vibration. When you have one of those moments and you cannot remember a name or details of something you thought you wanted to discuss, there is a reason why that information was not available to you. Think of a radio station, when you want to listen to a certain station, you understand that you must be dialed into that specific station in order to hear the music. When you want wireless internet, you must be within range of your wireless network or you cannot get a signal. When you are having a difficult time remembering a name or a story, it is because you, your inner being and the name or story you are trying to tell are not on the same frequency. You and the name of the person or the story you want to tell are not a vibrational match in that moment.

Rather than seeing this lack of information you are trying to remember in that moment as a flaw within you, understand that information is simply not available to you in this moment. You and the story or the person you want to speak of, are not a vibrational match to one another. Knowing this you can simply say, oh well, that information simply isn’t there for me and let it go at that.

Our inner being is always standing in a place of unconditional love, calling us to that essence of love, a constant in our lives, matching us up with the higher good we will allow to come into our experience. Remember that and allow any information that is not available to you to simply fall away, allowing only what serves you in this moment to be your vibrational match ~


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