What you focus on ~

If you are complaining, grumpy, sad, impatient or any other negative emotion no matter what you call it, you will continue to perpetuate more of the same. More things to complain about, more grumpiness, more sadness, more things to be impatient with and more negative emotion. You will feel mired in negative emotion because that is your vibrational point of attraction right now. You are just like a magnet, you draw to you the essence of whatever energy you are expressing or offering outward.

When you make the decision to change this from within, understand you will not be able to change from the negative emotions you are stuck in to positive, light and fluffy emotions. You can however begin to shift your emotions, thought by thought, moment by moment. Take a moment to observe what is going on around you. What is the mirror reflection that is your life, reflecting back to you? Find one thing that is not pleasing to you and ask yourself, How do I want to experience this part of my life? Then place your full attention on looking for the evidence of that experience within your life. You will begin to see your life morph into your desired experiences ~



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