Action in Spirit ~

When you are stressed or tense and you take any action, those actions you take are usually what you believe you should be doing based on the perspective of others, often wearing yourself out body, mind and spirit. Those are the times when you feel as though you do not have enough hours within the day, you may feel scattered and frustrated. We have all felt those times when we feel disconnected and raw.

There are things in life we simply must do, however if you take time to check within, taking a few moments to be still, tuning into Spirit, the leverage or advantage you can tune into is massive. You will recognize you are in the flow, things are going well, you feel in-tune. When the basketball player ‘has his game on’ or he is in the zone, he is in the flow,  he is in alignment with his inner being and as he takes action from the perspective of Spirit, you witness him moving on the court with ease, he scores the majority of points within the game.

You are able to tap into the energy that creates worlds as well, to come into alignment with your inner being, your Spirit before taking action. When you do this, you are invincible, nothing can stop you. It doesn’t have anything to do with ego, it is simply spirit, your inner being pouring through you and it feels wonderful, it feels magnificent not only to you but as you flow in this love, it will overflow onto everyone you come in contact with. Take a few minutes a day to simply BE, tune yourself with your inner being and then take action. You will find there is no other way to BE ~



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