The Power of our Thoughts ~

Our thoughts are so powerful they can create circumstances and events within our lives. The way we think of ourselves, others and about life contributes to what we are living within our daily lives. Whatever we put out into the Universe comes back to us, always ~

If we desire living a life full of well-being, harmony and ease, we must do our best to think thoughts full of ease, harmony and positivity. If we condemn or criticize another or places, things and events, we will receive more of the very things we admonish. In our attempt to point things out that are wrong within our lives, we are actually perpetuating more of the same.

Living a life full of ease, flow, well-being, harmony, ease and abundance requires the slightest shift in our we think on a moment to moment basis. Reaching for what ever feels best, seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty. It may sound silly for some, they believe they should face reality as I once did. But I have learned that as I reach for what feels best, seeing the brighter side of everything within my life, my reality began to shift so that I was seeing more and more things that are pleasing to me. We can live magnificent lives. We can live the life we dream of, you do not need to see the entire path, just take the first step and watch it unfold beautifully ~


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