Fear ~

I had a dear senior friend in her 80’s, she was a neighbor and reminded me of an old Hollywood era actress. She dressed to the nines, ALWAYS wore heels, perfectly coiffed hair, she had an air about her of mystic, glamor and a home filled with gilded furniture. At first I could not understand why she did not have many friends, why people avoided her, why family did not visit her. I soon found the reason…… My friend had nothing nice to say about anyone or anything. Being around her was uncomfortable for most and for myself initially.

I had just begun learning about Law of Attraction, learning whatever you focus upon, brings you more of the same. I began making lists of her positive aspects. She was very kind and generous to me, so I amplified that. She loved my family, my children, especially our son Connor, so I amplified that. As I began doing inner work for no other reason than to see the positive aspects of my friend so that I could feel good while I was with her, she began showing me more and more of her wonderful qualities. It became clear to me the only reason she seemingly repelled people away from her was fear. If she was abrasive first, hurtful first, she did not feel any discomfort or fear about others leaving her. What this dear lady was most afraid of was others walking out on her, leaving her alone, perpetuating exactly what she feared most. I became the one constant within the last four years of her life. We developed a loving bond of true respect and love for one another. I became the only person in her life that felt this mutual appreciation with this dear friend of mine that I will always treasure.

Often when another exhibits an unpleasing trait, understand it is more about what they have going on within. As you focus upon what is pleasing to you, via Law of Attraction which is always working whether you are aware of it or not, will match you up to those pleasing aspects of them. When you are not a vibrational match to what they have going on you will zig while they zag, as you focus on those pleasing aspects, those aspects will be the dominate within your vibration or energy.


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