Do you remember?

We are all born knowing we will come into this environment to mix it up with others. With everything we do not want, we always know more clearly what it is we do want.
As we bump up to negativity, negative emotions, from whatever happens in that moment, let’s say someone is mean or unkind to you. From that negative experience, what do you glean from that? If someone is mean or unkind, your new-found desire is to meet up with those who are kind. From every problem there is a solution, as we turn to the solution, focusing only on the solution, the problem will fall away then you are onto the next life experience.

Or ~

We bump up with contrast or negative emotions and from that negative experience we feel badly about it. We think it is our fault. We take the ‘meanness’ of another personally, we think we must be the bad person or else they would not have been mean to me. In other words, we are problem oriented. Rather than understanding that we should simply turn toward the solution and focus only on that, we stay in that ‘problem’. We have learned from well-meaning adults, this is the way we live life for generations. The longer we stay in that negative emotion the worse we feel from within.
The worse we feel, the more we perpetuate that negative feeling.
If we continue to stay within that negative emotion we will begin to develop or manifest varying degrees of illness, which is simply a manifestation of negative emotion.

As you become solution oriented, focusing on the solutions and the desired outcome, you will feel the resonance from within. As you move toward what feels best from within, you will begin to feel ease and flow, you will come into a natural rhythm within your life, coming into alignment with your inner being, your soul, All that is. That is what your emotions are for, guidance, guiding you to feeling better, serving your higher good. Do you remember your brilliance?


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