Thinking Happy Thoughts

We have all heard the phrase, ‘Think a happy thought’ ~ As a child we believed that didn’t we? Many adults now recognize why Peter Pan did not want to grow up. He did not want to lose that freedom, fun, the spark and forever feeling young ~

When you believe something with everything that you are, you will find it to be your truth because of your belief in it. Place all of your faith, hope and trust within whatever your divine belief is, God, the Universe, Source, the Lord or All that is. You can move mountains with your thoughts if you choose, make your sick body well with your thoughts, you can find abundance within your economy when the world’s economy is on a downturn, with your positive thoughts. I appreciate that so many of our wonderful movies we watched as children and now I have the pleasure of watching with my children have this wonderful message of Faith, Hope and Trust, of dreams coming true ~ When we live heart centered, following our guidance from within, there is a sense of youthfulness that will come over you, seeing life through the eyes of a child once again. Each one of us can live the life we desire, no exceptions all we have to do is BELIEVE ~


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