What rings true for you?

When I was a child I did not fully understand why it was I was supposed to feel badly about something I never did. It wasn’t until my seven-year old daughter articulated those words to me in regards to Sunday school, Do I have to go back there? They make me feel bad about something I have never done ~ did I realize how off that felt within me as a child and now as an adult, as if it was lying just under the surface and this precious child of mine opened the door for her mom.

We are all worthy and loved beyond measure and while some religions may teach we are not worthy, we are born in sin, the God within me, the connection I feel on a daily basis and have felt all of my life is one of pure unconditional love, acceptance and bliss. The only time I was ever made to feel badly was when I was taught by other well-meaning human beings things that feel more like an attempt to control the general population. When you move past those negative conditions others place on us because they believe in it and realize your connection to God, Source or your inner being is all you need, you no longer feel the need to defend, you simply know. We are all worthy of love, worthy of abundance in all forms, worthy of a loving connection with God without conditions other human beings place upon us. Find that connection wherever you can, if it is within a church, synagogue or mosque setting by all means, relish it but understand if you do not find it within an organized religion that is OK as well. You are loved and worthy my friend, know that and find what rings true for you ~


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