What is the most important manifestation?

The only reason we desire anything within our lives is because we believe once we achieve it, once we have it, once we see it, feel it, taste it or touch it, we will feel better, content and happy.

Everything we experience within our daily lives is a manifestation. Moment to moment we are living manifestations of our previous thoughts. When you are in traffic, that is a manifestation, when you are in line at the grocery store and a checker opens up a new line and invites you to bring your groceries through it, that is a manifestation. A happy clerk, or a grumpy clerk is a manifestation. When you understand that it is what you thought yesterday or this morning will bring you evidence of what you are predominantly thinking about, you are receiving instant feedback from the Universe where your current vibration is. When you are feeling good or enjoying positive experiences, you are on the right track. When you are experiencing negative emotions or negative experiences, recognize all you need to do is shift your thoughts a bit.

If we are reaching for wonderful things, experiences, people, circumstances or events to feel good, you can in this now moment choose to feel good. You do not need to wait until your desire shows up in your experience. In fact if you do not feel good predominately, those wonderful things you desire will be slowed down by your negative emotion. The most important manifestation you are reaching for is feeling good, which you have instant access to when you make the decision or choose to feel good. Those wonderful things you desire will come to you as well, but a wonderful short cut is, feeling good now, choosing to be positive now and you will feel wonderful along your entire journey. So, what is the most important manifestation? Feeling Good NOW ~  A+


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