Dream a little dream ~

We have all been given a wonderful tool within our minds to be able to dream, day-dream and visualize, using our imagination. It is a tool for us to use to get from where we are now in our current reality to where we desire being.

When I was a child, I could daydream easily, as do most children. I was taught by well-meaning adults to snap out of it especially at school. It was not something adults within my life thought I should nurture and I was a good girl and obeyed. Now I have the pleasure of remembering how wonderful our dreams are in creating a magnificent future and I dream as often as I am able, playing the wouldn’t be nice if or wouldn’t if be nice when game.

Your dreams are defined by you and only you. When another influences your dreams, it is only because you have allowed them to influence you and your dreams. Whenever you have a moment to distract yourself, do so. As you go to sleep, bask your way to sleep and enjoy dreaming wonderful things you want to have happen within your life. Find the feeling place of these dreams as if it is done. I will often tell my children to dream of something wonderful as they drift off to sleep. It has become part of our nightly ritual along with our list of things we appreciate in life, so much so, my youngest child Connor will often take a short afternoon nap with me, as I close my eyes, Connor asks me what am I dreaming about?

Encourage your children to dream, it is part of the creative process in life and it is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your child, the space and encouragement to use their imagination ~


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