Living Happily Ever After ~

Most of us have heard of Living Happily Ever After, as children we heard stories about the prince riding in on his white horse, saving the princess and the end of the story is always They Lived Happily Ever After. What if there was truth behind these stories? What if we could, if we choose to, live Happily Ever After?

We all have so much power behind our thoughts and beliefs than many have ever dared to consider. We have the ability to change the course of our life if we so choose. It is true, many people I know are not aware of this, neither was I for much of my life. I knew wonderful things happened but I could not figure out the formula. Most of my adult life I was living happily, I was a happy girl, I have a wonderful, funny, caring husband who always makes me feel loved and taken care of. We live in a lovely area, a nice neighborhood and I thought I would live happily ever after, until our son Connor was diagnosed with Autism. I thought my fairytale was over. It took me a little while to gain my footing but once I did, I began creating an extraordinary life, purposefully. It was a choice, my choice.

We all have this wonderful ability to create the life we choose, we are so free we can choose bondage. Feel from within, choose your magnificent life moment to moment, thought by thought, day by day, week by week and before you know it you will recognize with everything you are that you do have the ability to create a wonderful life. It is very true my life is different from the time before Autism came into our lives, we made a conscious decision to change the way we looked at this so-called disability. What we did not expect was our life to become more magnificent than we could have ever planned or ever hoped for. You my friend can make the decision to live Live Happily Ever After ~


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