Finding what is missing ~

There are many it seems, searching for what will make them happy. Some are looking for material wealth, perfect health, some are on the look-out for the one to spend their life with. There is no right or wrong in what you are searching for but the one common thread for all is, the reason you are searching is because you believe once you get it, once you find it, once you meet him/her, you will be happier.

Then there are those who seemingly have everything; the relationship, money, a great job, a lovely home but feel something is still missing. They may go back to the church, synagogue or mosque of their youth hoping to find what is missing; going through the motions, going to church, tithing yet still questioning, then feeling guilty for questioning their faith, as if they are on this treadmill that goes no where.

Many understand that the spiritual path is essential for your well-being, positively seek it out and finding resonance with Spirit, their inner being, their own connection with God or All that is whether it is through a faith of their choice or not. Coming into alignment with your inner being, soul or God is that path all are looking for.  As you purposefully seek happiness from within, seeing the glass as half full, life through rose-colored glasses, as you begin to seek happiness, it will find you. It is an inside job, when you do the work, seeking to find the positive side in all things rather than looking for things to make you happy, you will have tapped into the power that creates worlds.


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