Who is correct?

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady while I was grocery shopping, she noticed I was purchasing several of a particular product. I mentioned to her our son happens to have autism and he loves this certain product, it is something that makes him happy so I enjoy purchasing it for him. Her eyes lit up as she told me about her grandson who has high functioning autism, carrying on a lovely conversation. Her advice to me was to make certain I pushed my son, force him to do things he did not want to do. That is what her daughter did and she is so proud of her daughter and grandson. Don’t let him get away with anything just keep pushing him and he will get better.

This was one of those moments where I could have explained that is not how I do things within my home for any of my children. I could have told her all I have learned over the past decade about my son and myself and the reasons why we parent the way we do. Or I could have disagreed with her and the way her daughter parented her grandson but none of that felt good to me. So, who is correct? We all desire being the best parent, spouse and human being we can be and the information we are bombarded with can be overwhelming. I completely understand why many of my parent friends are confused about treatments, therapies, diets and the list goes on.

There is a large spectrum of autism and just as many ways, if not more to treat or try to cure autism. The truth is, there is no one way that is correct for autism or anything else within our lives. We all have come forth to live our life from our own perspective. We can never get anyone to fully agree and see life through our perspective nor do we need to convince anyone of anything, that is not our job. The more you try to get someone to believe or see things your way the more they dig in their heels and stand their ground. So what if all of our wonderful children are here for a very different purpose than any of us could have imagined? What if they are here to remind us that there is great value in diversity. Not just diversity with those with disabilities but diversity in all things. Our differences ~ political, religious, skin color, choice of partners, same-sex or opposite sex should be cherished and embraced, within our own lives we all get to be correct. Could it be, learning to feel from within, learning to live our life based on what feels best from within is the most important life message? What if our children are here to teach us unconditional LOVE of all things ~


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  1. Tracie – this was a beautiful installment. So unconditionally loving! Thank you for the gentle reminder of perspective and choice. xo

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