Focusing on Gratitude ~

Nothing has changed my life more than the decision to be proactively grateful. I used to say Thank you for a kind act, I wrote Thank you notes to those that gave me gifts but many years ago I read a book on gratitude called Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach which encouraged the act of writing everything you are grateful for. As I did this I found it was difficult at first, so I began small with just a few things and continued until I reached for ten things. Before I knew it I was able to write pages and pages while my children watched a movie.

Our gratitude muscle is just like any of the muscles within our bodies. If they are not used you will need to break it in and start slowly. Once you get the hang of it you will see your life change dramatically. Begin by writing down three things you are grateful for, as you do this act it will actually begin to change the neural pathways within the brain. Science is able to map this which is thrilling to me because as much as I am aware of this and know this with everything that I am, I appreciate that some may need proof before they give anything a try. So, how about we begin with just a few things you appreciate within your life? I appreciate you ~


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