What can ‘we’ do?

There are so many things happening all over the world that many would deem unjust or unfair. So what can we do to help those we believe are having a difficult time?

The last few days my daughter was upset by the most recent earthquakes in Japan. She enjoys the culture, the movies and shows, Japanese books and is taking Japanese in high school. She asked me if she could send the rest of her birthday money she has not spent to Japan to help those in need? Who could she send it to? How can we find out?

I told her how much I loved her generous heart, her kind spirit and her love of another culture and that there was another way for her to send something very powerful to all who desire feeling better. She was intrigued but questioned if it would work. I told her to close her eyes, think of all of those people recently affected by the recent earthquakes, then send them love from your heart. Picture light from your heart radiating outwardly toward all who want to feel better than they currently do. When she opened her eyes, she smiled and said, “That was cool!”

Our minds and our thoughts are so incredibly powerful, the next time you desire helping someone but the how gets in the way, simply send them love and a feeling of positive vibrations, positive energy to them……they will feel it on many levels ~


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