Letting it go ~

There are so many things we hold onto that are not necessary within our current life experience. Things that were said or not said twenty years ago or yesterday, things that were done or not. What matters is now, now, now, now, now. Life will bring you more of what you are currently thinking of or dwelling on. If you are having a difficult time letting go of something you wish had been different, law of attraction will bring you more of the same and you are inadvertently creating more of that experience in your now.

Or you could recognize what you focus on right now is creating your future life experience. When a negative thought comes up, do your best to release it and focus on something that gives you pleasure. Moment by moment, thought by thought you can release old negative patterns or vibrations from within which will change your life experience. Releasing anger towards others, forgiving them not because you are excusing them but because you recognize, when you are angry at another, they are not affected, it is only you. Making the decision to let go of negative emotion is a game changer within your life experience and only you can do that ~


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