Love what is ~

We are always searching for the next thing. The newest gadget, the next vacation, the next car, a bigger home, the newest hair style, the newest flavored coffee….hee hee. So much so we tend to ignore what is going on around us. We are forward-looking as human beings so it is natural for us to expect to continuously move forward, a natural evolution of our being.

What I have found to be the easiest, fastest way to get from where you are currently to the next unfolding is to Love what is. In our appreciation of what is around us, everything within our lives right now, we allow the ease of the unfolding and the next logical step to occur. That is not to say if something is unpleasant you have to love it, it means as you appreciate all that is around you, in your appreciation you allow your desire, your improved desire to evolve. You allow your improved version of your life to unfold. Loving what is right now propels you into your new and improved way of being, way of life. Loving what is takes you closer to the life you desire ~


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