Awakening to a new language ~

As I have begun to awaken to who I really am, coming into alignment with my inner being I am amazed at the clarity that is available to me and to all of us. Our son Connor has been my catalyst to this clarity from within. It is my belief this is why he is here as well as so many other children diagnosed with a disability, not because something has gone wrong. It is an inner journey I never expected and would gladly walk through once again to have the pleasure of being where I am today. It has felt to me personally, as I get it, Connor’s verbal language has blossomed. I recognize each child comes forth with their own intentions and some may choose to become verbal while others will continue to be non-verbal but I believe it is their choice and their intention from non-physical.

We have each come forth with a desire for expansion because expansion and then coming into alignment is the zest of life, it is what passion and excitement is. What I have recognized and resonate with fully, as I have evolved as a human being, our son Connor, diagnosed with Autism, is teaching me a new language, a language that must be felt rather than spoken. Connor is teaching us the language of feeling, feeling our way into alignment with our inner being is how we create and then manifest everything into our lives. So what if these incredibly brilliant children are coming forth in large numbers to help all of us evolve as human beings, teaching us a language of feeling, because when we are connected to source, God or All that is, nothing feels more incredible than that. This is why I see any disability as a gift, a wonderful gift our children are giving us and if they were able to communicate easily with us verbally, we would not benefit from this gift ~


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