Positive Thought ~

Positive thought is not something new but it is something more and more people are becoming aware of, the conscious decision to reach for better and better feeling thoughts which creates a better feeling outcome within your life.  Some may shrug at it, roll their eyes or truly believe it doesn’t work but those who have tried it on a consistent basis have found it is life changing. That does not mean you will always be free from negative emotion. We are human beings and it is our desire from within to experience the fullness life has to offer which includes negative emotion, just as when we ride a roller coaster, we appreciate the exhilaration of the ups and downs, twists and turns. When you understand negative emotion is simply life causing you to clarify your desires more clearly, asking yourself what it is you want out of an experience of contrast or negative emotion, from that clarifying experience turn your undivided attention on the solution.

When we think a thought, we are only able to think one thought at a time. So it sounds easy, do you want to be positive or negative? Hopefully, in this moment you would say positive. As we focus on positive thoughts, we feel wonderful, we are following our bliss, we are in alignment with Source energy, God, All that is. When we make a decision to live life from a positive perspective, reaching for better and better feeling thoughts, you will find true contentment, harmony and peace within your life. Happiness is not purchased but found, it is not luck, it is a conscious decision that can and will change your life, if you let it ~


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    I’m a Counselor and always seeking better understanding of life, and more helpful ways of sharing any bit of insight I feel I may have gained. Your words are such a positive ray of light of what was for me one of the roller coaster days – having regret, despair, hope, joy, and fulfillment. It was life, I guess, and each moment had value and benefit for me. Thanks again Tracie. Hope to read you again very soon. Be well.

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