In tune with your child

We are so ‘in-tune’ with each other, especially our children. When your child is having a difficult day, you have the option of responding one of two ways. You can either become upset, taking the tantrum personally which will amplify the discomfort within the energy that surrounds you and your child. Or, you can momentarily close your eyes, take a deep breath and radiate calm in that moment, understanding that your child is simply feeling discomfort. Our children are wonderful mirror reflections of what we have going on within. They are amplifiers of how we are feeling within, which is why words do not matter, it is only how you are feeling that they see. They can see through flowery words and sense the core feeling you have going on, on the inside. These children of ours are helping all of us become authentic, empowered, giving us the opportunity to see what discomforts we have within and the opportunity to release resistance

As you practice a sense of calm within more often, YOU will begin to set the tone within your home in a positive way. When your child is calm, express that you do not have all of the answers but together you will figure it out. In your calm, in your stillness, your child will be able to express to you on a vibrational or energetic level. It will come to you in the form of a thought, inspiration or inspired action. Our children are teaching us how to communicate on a vibrational or energetic level, they are teaching how to live authentically. When you are calm, quiet and still…….you will ‘hear’ ~


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  1. sangeeta

    Hi Tracie really beautiful….hv posted in group homeschooling for awesomism……just to remind self and others… and light.

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