Communication via telepathy

I am truly amazed at the constant state of motion in my life, I know on a deeper level, motion forward is inevitable yet to consciously observe the unfolding has proved to be incredible beyond words. We all have our own beliefs which I am in appreciation and respectful of. I am one to has come to not only believe but have a knowing from within that our children are the genesis of a new way of being and interacting with one another.

All three of our children have helped me become a better person, our little Connor has guided me to move undeniably beyond the human experience in a way I did not see coming. He has brought me closer in my relationship with a non-judgemental God, full of unconditional LOVE, I always felt growing up. Fear of God was only introduced by well-meaning adults, as a child I was not able to express the discord I felt in my own relationship with God and the God I was supposed to fear as expressed to me by others. Connor has been gentle and sometimes not so gentle in his teachings. I now recognize when he is having a difficult time, it is because he is not being heard, I am not getting the lesson. That is my que to turn inward for clarity. As I began hearing his messages or better said, receiving or resonating with his messages, not only did I receive the benefit in the way of a calm, peaceful spirit for myself but he reflected that calm, peaceful spirit. I am now fully aware this child has given me and gives me messages, impulses or inspirations that at one time I was not consciously aware these inspirations were from him, ways to help him or knowing what is the best way to move forward, like building blocks. Connor and I are constructing a new way of being together. A new way of living happily ever after I never thought could be possible when he was diagnosed with a so-called disability in 2001.

This morning upon waking, in a split second several things flashed through my mind. I had a knowing, impression, vision, whatever one may call it. There was a white envelope that had CBI written on it in my hand writing, I saw my wallet opened up with a $10.00 bill coming from it, and heard or simply new from within, Connor needed money for his excursions into the community. In that moment, I knew I received a very clear telepathic message from my son. We all have this ability to communicate telepathically, to be in-tune with God, Source, the Universe or All that is and others we are sharing this physical experience with. Our beliefs we hold that either bring us closer to this knowing or create a separation from this knowing. My intention to be able to communicate with my child who at one time did not have any verbal communication has been the catalyst for my evolution. I am in great appreciation that I am learning on deep levels of my being, what it is like to be a spiritual being in a physical body from a wonderful little master, my son Connor.


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  1. sangeeta

    wow….wonderful tracie….in the process u are teaching other parents also by sharing yr experience……love and light

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