Appreciation for Diversity ~

I am in great appreciation for being able to see, hear and witness diversity, allowing others to be who they are yet I do not need to see or live my life from the perspective of others. We have such a wonderful team within our district we gathered with for one of our children, one is very academic and it seems she is of the belief that we should all be prepared for difficulties that will arise. Throughout the meeting when anyone would bring up the positive, she tried to refocus us in a direction of preparing for more problems. She was doing her job in her eyes and I have no doubt was very well-meaning. In years past, I would have become fearful of her words. Thinking she was the one who should know after all, she has studied and teaches our children daily, she must know we have to prepare for the worst.

I am fully aware that part of our human experience has contrast or negative emotion. My way of seeing, guiding and coaching in life is to acknowledge contrast, negative emotion or diversity as a clarifying experience, checking within and coming to and turning toward the new-found desire, focusing on the positives, a constant, positive motion forward. This morning was another wonderfully clarifying experience. I was able to appreciate this wonderful woman fully, acknowledging her different perspective and know that her perspective has no bearing on my life or my child’s life. Isn’t that simply a magnificent thing? To be in appreciation for the diversity around us. We do not need to change the minds of anyone else in order to feel wonderful. We allow them to have their perspective because they cannot create within our lives unless we take on their perspective as our own. I am in such great appreciation for the diversity within our world ~


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