Dance like no one is watching!

Image by Ron Leishman Yes I have done this…..recently, just ask the dogs!! ;0) A friend recently posted a video, the song had me toe tapping, nodding my head and finally since I was home alone, I got up and danced. The dogs looked concerned but I closed my eyes and pretended no one could see me. Before I knew it my boxer dog jumped off of his bed and danced with me. REALLY! He dances….it reminds me of tap dancing because of his paws/nails on the wood flooring but he was dancing!

Do you know the rest of the day I had a smile on my face from ear to ear. I enjoyed my day…..ALL day. When I would think about the dance I had with myself that morning I giggled. It only takes one simple action, stepping out of our comfort zone, enjoying something, anything that feels wonderful while we engage in the action. So, sometime today find a moment when you can dance and DANCE like no one is watching ~


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