It ‘is’ your choice ~

Growing up there was a general consensus, some people were lucky, wonderful things simply happened to them easily. They were born into a wealthy family, so everything came easily to them. On the flip side there were those who did not have the greatest of luck, they had to work very hard for very little and it seemed the only reason something pleasant came into their lives was because of their very hard labor. Generation after generation will perpetuate these scenarios believing they must not have any control over the life you were given or else something would have changed by now. Many of us will live similar lives to the life model we grew up in unless we made a conscious effort to change things. Some may go to college or purposefully make the decision live in a different way.

Whatever life model you grew up in, this was simply a stable platform you were born into, a basis of continuity. You were not meant to live the exact life model your parents chose, you get to choose how your life plays out, it is completely up to you. Since many were never told they could choose a different course of life, many generations have perpetuated the illusion that they cannot break out of the cycle generations have lived, but you can.

Thought by thought you can change the direction of your life experience. Each thought we have is creating moments in our future. If you set forth the intention, it is your desire to reach for better and better feeling thoughts, you will begin to see different outcomes within each scenario. Think of this as a new great adventure within your life. Sit and dream about what you would like your life to look like. Then begin to notice and appreciate each piece that comes into your life that resembles that new outcome.  We get to choose the life we desire living….isn’t that exhilarating?


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