Everyone is a Teacher ~

When I gave birth to my children, I thought my husband and I would be the ones to do all of the teaching to these children who are new here on earth. I would need to let them know about all of the dangers waiting around every corner, every turn. What I learned instead……they were here to teach me. My children are the ones who have been reminding me of where we came from, of my incredible connection to that which I call God, the Universe, Source Energy, All that is.  I have remembered how loved and adored we all are. I have learned to live unconditional love and I do my best to practice with everyone I come into contact with….including myself.

This wonderful life experience is about learning, expanding and growing, looking away from that which does not serve us. Letting everyone else off the hook because we have full control over our own happiness. We do not need anyone else to be different or act differently or do anything to make us feel better. When we expect others to be different so we can feel better we are practicing conditional love. The only person you hurt by practicing conditional love is yourself because everyone will continue to disappoint you. When you see everyone in your life as the teacher they are, you can begin to create the life experience you desire, picking and choosing what you want your life to be like, moment by moment, thought by thought and be free from self-imposed bondage.


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  1. Wonderful sentiment. I am now giving my children to the world. I have 2 daughters ages 18 and 23 and I have faith in God to watch over them as they move further away from my bosom and toward the lives they want for themselves.
    At first I felt lonliness and now I feel like celebrating!

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