Energetically Aware Children ~

‘Energetically Aware Children’ is a relatively new phrase for me. Perfectly describing my experiences with all three of my children, especially our youngest son Connor, diagnosed with Autism in 2001. All three of my children are very in tune with the feelings of others, especially those they are around most frequently or related to. It is something we are fine tuning, learning more about and resonating with. I have recently been working with and learning from an amazing woman who is quite familiar with working with these energetically aware children, to say I am amazed is an understatement. So much of what I am learning I have either experienced with my own children or it is resonating completely on many levels of my being and I am remembering how in-tune I am. I simply buried my sensitivities as a child because it wasn’t the norm, it wasn’t cool and no one wants to be the odd girl out!

This bodes well for my own belief, knowing and understanding that our children, especially those diagnosed with what many see as a disability, Autism or ADD and ADHD, are human beings who are not flawed in any way, they are simply those who can pick up on energy more easily than the rest of us. We can all feel energy and read energy. We have all experienced times when you can feel someone is being less than truthful, you are reading their energy. What trips us up is when they use words that do not match what we are feeling and we doubt our own intuition. Some have a heightened awareness and are able to see past the words that are being spoken, honing in on the vibration or energy. Our children can sense when we are not being authentic and truthful, seeing beyond our words and reading our energy or vibration. This is the time for an awakening. A time for being authentic and real. As we become increasingly authentic within, we can make a graceful transition into this new era of being. If we decide to live within the old beliefs, it will not be a transition filled with ease. This too is our choice. I choose ease, are you with me?


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