So….who is right?

You’ve been around long enough to have witnessed it a time or two. Two people or a group of people on opposite sides of an argument or misunderstanding, both believe their perception is correct, neither are willing to budge. We witness this on a grand scale with politics, each side believes theirs is correct. On a smaller scale between families, placing conditional love on each other. So…..who is correct? Who is right?

No one person has lived exactly the same life. Each one of us has our own perspective on each subject and we will never be able to get anyone else to fully see our perspective in the way we see it. The more you try to convince anyone your way of seeing life is the right way, the correct way, the only way, the more the party in opposition will dig in their heels. How wonderful it would be to simply allow each other to BE, to have our own perspectives, to enjoy our own lives, allowing others to live their lives without preconceived notions, living a life of unconditional love. That would be magnificent indeed.


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