Our thoughts create ~

What we are living today are the children of the thoughts we birthed yesterday.

For many life can be and is a mystery, they often wonder why certain things happen that are hurtful, uncomfortable, unfair or why others treat them in a way that may not be pleasing. We are not taught how our thoughts create the life experience we are living, when things happen around us that cause discomfort, rather than focusing on the problem, if we turn our attention toward the solution, we can create a magnificent life by the thoughts we think. That is something I wish for the entire world to know, remember, understand, practice and embrace. We came into these physical bodies to experience the deliciousness life has to offer. This means to live duality, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly, we simply did not plan on focusing so long on the negative emotions or the problems.

When we have something in our lives that causes a negative emotion within us, instead of thinking and creating more negative thoughts about it, sitting in a negative soup of discomfort which creates more discomfort within your life experience, see that moment as the opportunity to clarify what it is you do want. Take whatever difficulty you are currently experiencing and begin to see the positive in it. Even if you can only find one thing that is positive about it, you have just shifted your perspective on the subject. Creating the life we desire can be done and it must be practiced, our positive thought muscle is just like any of our physical muscles. When you want to strengthen your body, you must exercise the muscles, creating positivity within your life is the same way. It may be difficult at first but you will find, positivity is easier to focus upon than continuing on the path of negative emotion. Life was not meant to be a struggle or a hardship, you can change the course of your life by shifting the thoughts you think ~


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