Are you Allowing or Resisting?

More than a decade ago if I would have been asked the question ‘Are you resisting or allowing?’ I would have not had a clue what that meant. Now, I have a pretty good idea of the difference between these two words, although my beautifully human self does not always practice the Art of Allowing…..

When I am resisting, I recognize I generally do not feel good. I will have a negative emotion that can range from boredom to despair, although I can happily say I have not visited despair in a long time. It is similar to the analogy my beloved mentor Abraham-Hicks speaks of placing your canoe in a fast-moving stream, turning your boat upstream and rowing very hard against a fast-moving current. We would not willingly do that because we recognize how laborious that would be, yet when we try to make anything happen or get anyone to see anything from our perspective, we are rowing against a fast-moving vibrational current.

When we let go of the oars, allowing our boat to turn, letting the current to carry us, the shift within our vibration or energy is one full of ease, we feel our bodies relax, we smile, we become joyful and we begin understanding we are living our lives in the way we were meant to live them. Listening to our emotions, listening from within, feeling our way through life is the way we allow wonderful things to come into our life experience. So, the next time you experience anything ask yourself, “Am I resisting or Allowing?” Your emotions will let you know ~



  1. Well this is exactly what I needed to read!! I certainly have been doing a great deal of resisting and not even realizing it!!

  2. Not recognizing we are resisting is also part of our wonderful human beingness. Sometimes we learn early on to put up with negative emotion until we hit a point where it REALLY does not feel good. Just as we learned to put up with negative emotion, we can learn to allow well being to flow. Your emotions are your guide. If you hit any negative emotion no matter how big or small, that is simply an indicator you are resisting on that specific subject. No biggie, just ask yourself what it is you do want from that situation and rather than trying to change outside circumstances, you can begin to look for a better way, an easier way, a more positive way of seeing that subject. Nothing can go wrong, it is only a clarifying experience. When we go to the buffet, we pick and choose what foods we want on our plate, this life experience is the exact same thing.

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