Your emotions will guide you ~

Our emotions are a gift from God, Source, the Universe or All that is, whatever your belief in the divine is. Our emotions are an indicator which will guide us in feeling better, moment by moment, thought by thought. Not recognizing we are resisting is also part of our wonderful human beingness. Sometimes we learn early on to put up with negative emotion because many are not aware you can shift your thoughts at the first sign of negative emotion, the negativity will escalate until we hit a point where negative emotion REALLY does not feel good, sometimes even becoming ill with a short-term or chronic illness when we have allowed negative emotion to live within our being for a long time.

Just as we learned to put up with negative emotion, we can learn to allow well-being to flow. Your emotions are your guide. If you feel any negative emotion no matter how big or small, that is simply an indicator you are in a state of resistance on that specific subject. No biggie, just ask yourself what it is you do want from that situation and rather than trying to change outside circumstances, focusing on the problem, you can begin to look for a better way, an easier way, the solution and a more positive way of seeing that subject. Your awareness of the negative emotion and the desire to change your reaction will shift your perceptual reality. Nothing can go wrong, it is only a clarifying experience, creating the life experience you desire with each new situation that comes up. When we go to the buffet, we pick and choose what foods we want on our plate based on our likes and dislikes of certain foods, this life experience is exactly same thing. Pick from the life experiences you enjoy and milk those, write lists of positive aspects you appreciate of those experiences. When you come across something you do not like ask yourself what it is you do want out of that experience and then look toward your desire, your emotions will guide you the entire time ~


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  1. BernieLuvsEllen

    Have you ever read, Judith Orloff’s Emotional Freedom? You should, you might find it compelling.

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